Cold and flu season is creeping up on us. 

Which means bad news for the busy mom. 

It's hard enough to keep on track with everything you need to do as a mom, being sick just doesn't help. In fact, nothing comes to a screeching halt when you're sick and you have no choice but to keep on going.

We came up with a few survival tips for the moms out there that are trying to keep up once they've gotten sick.

Make It Easy for Kids to Help Themselves

Keeping snacks and drinks for kids in an easy to reach space can help your kids be a little more independent for different meals throughout the day. Keep snacks in individual bags, and fill up sippy cups with water or juice to hold them over throughout the day. Even if you usually take home the gold with family dinners, have plenty of snacks that your kids can put together a meal with. They'll feel a little more grown up getting to choose and you'll be able to post up on the couch while you battle this cold.

Let the Kids Entertain Themselves

So if you're home sick with the kiddos, you'll have to be okay with the idea of some messes happening. While you're sick with a nasty cold, it's hard to be picky when you don't have the energy to keep your kids entertained. As long as they're safe, this might be the day to let them build forts or use the couch cushions on the floor while they watch TV. It's always a good idea to keep some back up games and projects to entertain your littles for snow days, or when you're feeling under the weather. Your day might not be action packed with activities around town, but we guarantee they'll be able to make their own fun.

Call In Reinforcements

Don't be too proud to call in some reinforcements when you're feeling sick and need a little help. Whether it's a postpartum doula for help with newborn care or a relative to step in as an emergency babysitter, you'll be happy to see their car pull up in the driveway. With some extra help around the house you'll have the opportunity to get some extra sleep or take a hot shower to break up some of your congestion. 

When you're sick, you can't exactly take off your mom hat to rest and relax. 

Don't get discouraged when you get sick or feel guilty that you're taking some time to recover. You're still a super mom if you take it easy and go with the flow for a few days.