So the big gift giving season might be over, but at some point in the year ahead you’ll be buying another few gifts.

Whether it be for birthdays, thank you’s or graduations, our culture has a habit to overlook the meaning of gifts and fall into the trap of buying more stuff for our families.

We have plenty of “stuff” lying around and it’s time we change the way that gifts are given.

Instead of a tangible gift, we love to give the gift of experiences.

When you give the gift of a trip, adventure or experience you are giving memories. Tickets that don’t expire or gift certificates to local events can be used on the recipient’s own terms.

Give the gift of fun on a rainy day while stimulating the economy of local businesses.

Here’s some of our favorite experiences to give in place of tangible gifts for every occasion in the Louisville area.


Louisville Zoo

Zoo passes are so much fun and support such an amazing cause. When you frequent the Louisville Zoo or sign up for season memberships,you’re providing local jobs and resources for the animals. Not only do kids love the zoo, but it also makes an adorable date spot for a couple in your life. The Louisville Zoo offers day passes and different membership tiers for any budget. It’s a fun and educational day out that makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Marengo Cave

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted all of the awesome natural resources we can adventure in our own backyard. In 1883, Marengo caves were discovered and have been amazing visitors ever since. Explore the caves on different walking tours, mine for gemstones, and bring a little adventure to someone’s weekend with admission as a gift. The caves are illuminated to guide your path through stunning rock and mineral formations naturally occurring for thousands of years. 

Maple Hill Manor Bed and Breakfast

Have your other half’s birthday or anniversary coming up? Schedule a babysitter for the weekend and enjoy a romantic mini vacation away from the hustle and bustle. Maple Hill Manor is a historic bed and breakfast that features traditional country furnishings, beautiful landscape and a short drive from plenty of fantastic local restaurants. This charming bed and breakfast is just what the doctor ordered for some rest and rejuvenation, without traveling too far from your precious littles.

So instead of a tangible gift this year, why not try some tickets to an amazing Louisville area experience?

Life is sweeter when we’re able to take a step back from stress and can celebrate with family and friends in the beautiful city we call home.