They are both down-to-earth, honest, funny and just real- but not judgmental. With their support, I’ve felt like I can be the Mom I want to be.
— Kim Morrison, Client
The Doulas of Kentuckiana Family!

Our doulas strive to build positive and professional relationships with the families they serve and the providers they support. Not only are they trained professionals but also real moms that understand the ins and outs of adding to your family.


A calming force is one way Jessie is described by the families she assists. The ability to bring comfort and attune to someone's needs is a skill she has developed over a lifetime of caring and committing to others.

Since choosing to focus on Birth-work, Jessie has dedicated endless hours to training. Her first goal was finding a training organization that shared her same beliefs: that birth experiences are better when doulas and providers work cohesively and that all births should be supported equally, with non-judgmental care. Since joining ProDoula, Jessie has completed the following trainings: Birth Doula, Postpartum/Infant Care Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist and Childbirth Educator.

Besides being a professional doula, Jessie is also a wife and Mom. What brings her joy is watching movies with her two beautiful, fun, crazy girls , chocolate in any form and coffee (with plenty of cream and sugar)!





Being in the midst of raising her four children aged between 10 and 20, Fay brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience to Doulas of Kentuckiana.

She has spent most of her adult life dedicated to her family and volunteering for many organizations. Helping others know that they are not alone in their struggles and instilling confidence is her passion. 

A conversation with a stranger about her birth experience with a doula sent Fay straight to researching what a "doula" actually meant. She was fascinated by the concept and immediately saw how having a doula would have impacted her family when her children were younger. Even more surprising to her was realizing that her love of helping people already made her a doula in a sense.

She has completed her Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care training through ProDoula. Currently, she is working towards her Childbirth Education Certification.

Fay's favorite things are date nights with her husband, family game nights, traveling, and escaping into a good book.




Alicia has made it her goal in life to further her knowledge and abilities so that she may best care for and educate others. Upon completing her Bachelors in the Science of Nursing, Alicia became a Registered Nurse and started caring for critically ill patients in the ICU. During her time as an ICU nurse, she grew a passion for emotionally supporting, comforting, and educating people in challenging circumstances.

After the birth of her daughter and the experience she had with her own Doula, Alicia knew that she was called to become a professionally trained Doula. Through her experiences as a Doula, Alicia’s love deepened for supporting families throughout their childbearing, birth, and postpartum journey. This led her to begin her education as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse- Midwife.

Alicia has been described as a friendly, compassionate, reassuring, down-to- earth professional with a wealth of knowledge. As a Nursing Instructor in the community, Alicia is constantly studying, reading, and networking with other healthcare providers. Many times, Alicia personally knows members of her client’s healthcare team.

In her free time, Alicia enjoys exercising in the park at Baby Boot Camp, connecting with other moms, and loving on her family. Her favorite pastime is swinging in her hammock while chewing ice on a warm, sunny day.



Crystal is our Certified Lactation Counselor. She has a background in Education, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health, all of which lend to her straight forward, down-to-Earth demeanor.

Her personal experiences with oversupply and supply issues, breastfeeding through special needs (cleft lip), and exclusive pumping have given her a unique dedication and edge to helping others reach their breastfeeding goals. For 3 years before joining the DoK team she worked as a private CLC in a medical clinic providing Lactation Services and a variety Breastfeeding and Natural Parenting Classes. There, she was trained and mentored by a midwife in the more advanced issues, including assessing and addressing tongue and lip tie issues and other maternal and infant anatomical differences. She is experienced in methods to identify and address infant weight gain and loss, as well as techniques to accommodate a variety of special needs. It’s always been an important part of her practice to develop long- and short-term Lactation Plans based on the medical, emotional, and physical needs of the mother-baby. She knows that not only does every mom have different goals and needs, but every baby, and every consecutive breastfeeding journey, will require an individual approach as well.

Outside of lactation, Crystal is a talented wireworker and enjoys designing intricate jewelry, including the beautiful art of breastmilk and placenta stones for custom memento jewelry. She finds her center in time spent with her husband and creating messy memories with their 3 children. One princess and two little princes makes for quite an adventure full of sass and dirt!

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Collaborating with providers and local birth professionals

 Doulas of Kentuckiana collaborate with your provider of choice to become a reliable asset to the birth and postpartum plans of your growing family. We are proud to be welcomed in to each of Kentuckiana's hospitals and work diligently to build positive relationships with providers and fellow birth professionals.