The perfect addition to your birth team

Doulas of Kentuckiana support laboring women and families in both home and hospital settings.  From hospital deliveries to Midwife attended homebirths,we are available to offer Birth Doula support and resources for whatever your birth preferences might be: Natural, Medicated, Vaginal,VBAC, Cesarean. Kentuckiana families from Elizabethtown, Louisville, Jeffersonville, New Albany & everywhere in between turn to Doulas of Kentuckiana for the best in Doula services.

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The Doulas of Kentuckiana Difference

Your family's choice to invite a Professional Doula on to your birth team is statistically proven to lead to a more positive birth experience. Doulas of Kentuckiana thank you for inviting us along by providing care that exceeds the standard expectations of a professional Doula. This is accomplished by offering complete packages, beginning at $995 that include the following benefits for each of our Doula Families:

  • Access to our private Client Portal and its up-to-date resource library
  • Availability for your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Unlimited In-Person Labor Support with no additional hourly charges
  • In-person consultations in the comfort of your own home ( With options for virtual appointments for our busy birthers!)
  • In-home Postpartum visit
  • 30 Breastfeeding Support phone session
louisville ky doulas childbirth classes placenta encapsulation

We are here for your entire family

Doulas of Kentuckiana strive to build positive birth experiences for your family as a whole. We recognize the importance of Dad's role in the labor and delivery room and supplement his support rather than replace it. We have confidence in your birth team and work to make sure everyone's needs are met throughout labor and delivery. With the support of Doulas of Kentuckiana, neither you or your spouse will be alone. Regardless of when and where you birth or which provider is on call- a trusted professional from Doulas of Kentuckiana will be present to help guide your family through the experience! We love meeting families and building relationships so that you are comfortable with your Doula and pride ourselves on not just supporting women, but the families they love as well.