Complete your support team with a caring doula!

 Midwife or OB-GYN | Epidural or Unmedicated

When it's time to bring your baby into the world, you'll be excited to call your doula and let her know you think you're in labor. She will come to your side when you request her, and help keep you comfortable and focused through every contraction and procedure. She knows when to suggest a new position or technique, and when to say the right thing at the right time. Your trusted and skilled doula will be there with you and your partner the whole time, helping you achieve your goals - you don't have to wing it on your big day.

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The Doulas of Kentuckiana Difference

From the moment you meet your doula at your initial consultation, you will feel at ease in her presence - and relieved that you've found someone who will provide you amazing physical, emotional, and educational support throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

You'll feel comfortable asking as many questions as you want during your prenatal prep meeting in the privacy and comfort of your home - and knowing that you will have access to her knowledge and support via phone, email, and an exclusive online client portal - 24/7.
Yes, even if you go into labor at three in the morning, she'll answer the phone with a smile.

You'll look forward to the early postpartum period with contentment rather than worries, knowing that your doula will be available by phone and Skype for 4 entire weeks after the birth. You will even have access to a Certified Lactation Counslor for an over-the-phone breastfeeding support session.

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Q: I have a supportive and hands-on partner?

A: You, your significant other, older siblings, and even your pets are about to welcome a new baby – and it's kind of a big deal. We support not just women, but those they love as well! Rather than replace your husband or partner, we actually facilitate intimacy between you two by teaching them some awesome labor support skills – and signaling them when to use them.


Q: If I have a supportive and hands-on OB-GYN or Midwife?

A: You may have the most fantastic and supportive care provider in the world (and we definitely have some amazing ones in Kentuckiana!), but they don't arrive to your birth until you are close to delivery. Our hospitals have amazing nurses too, but they have a lot of responsibilities in charting and medical tasks such as monitoring and can't spend their whole shift focusing on support and coaching. Our doulas will be by your side to fulfill those needs the whole time, freeing up your medical team to do what they do best: safe and healthy labor and delivery for you and your baby.


Q: If I don't need a birth plan or I'm not sure what I want?

A: If desired, we can help you navigate your available options to create your birth plan – or if you'd rather go with the flow and see what unfolds, that's fine too! We'll help you take it all in stride and meet whatever your needs may be in each moment. We're proud to be able to support families from all walks of life, in any type of birthing or parenting situation.



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