We hear the phrase thrown around in every birth book, on every pregnancy website and almost certainly somewhere deep in each Facebook "Mama" page, your ideal birth.

But, what does it mean?? Does it bring images of a young mom in a hospital bed with her husband holding her hand to your mind? What about a woman leaned over her kitchen counter with a doula standing behind her applying counter pressure to her back, all in hopes of getting some relief through her current contraction? Maybe you envision a beautiful woman with a halo of flowers squatting behind a tree with all of the animal kingdom watching on: just for them to erupt in celebration as her baby crowns; a scene straight from Snow White.

Every baby is different. Every birth varies.

Every woman longs for a different variation of her "ideal birth". For some, the ideal birth could be in the comfort of their own home. Or, maybe it is in a hospital, relaxed with an epidural. For others, their ideal experience is working through those tough contractions and going completely natural. Maybe your ideal birth is even in an operating room with your partner standing by your side during a Cesarean.

Regardless of what you envision, do your research, be well informed, and decide what is important to you. Then, work towards that goal!

Know that there are no wrong choices, only your choices.

As I lay on my couch being completely smothered by a little girl who first stole my heart just over two years ago,  I want to share with you my version of this "ideal birth". I did my research and was so fortunate to find an awesome care provider. Together, we made a birth plan. I took a great Childbirth Education Class and put together an awesome birth team. In the end, all of the hard work paid off!

The important things in this video are intangible things that you can't necessarily see. It was my confidence, support, and knowledge alongside the respect from my team and hospital staff that made this my ideal birth. I spent time getting to know my providers so that I could trust their guidance and these are things that are so important regardless of the where, who, how and why of any ideal birth.

Birth Facility: Clark Memorial Hospital under the care of the WomenCare Midwives