As the seasons change, we start itching to be more active and get bit by the vacation bug.

It's not always realistic to plan a big vacation before your annual summer vacation with the kids or even a babymoon before your little one's arrival. Instead, why not improvise and take a weekend trip away or even a daycation!

The act of getting out and about will keep you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the last of your wintertime blues. 

The Big Beautiful Babymoon 

The last minute opportunity to indulge before your baby officially makes their debut is the new craze with expectant parents. Since you won't have the opportunity to squeeze a vacation into your postpartum routine, a babymoon is a breath of fresh air to keep your pre-baby jitters at bay. Take a weekend to get a couples massage, relax at a fancy bed and breakfast like Maple Hill Manor or take in some fresh air at one of the beautiful state parks nearby. Your babymoon can be as fancy as you'd like, but if you're in those last weeks of pregnancy it might be a good idea to skip theme parks and attractions that are more physically demanding. 

Quick Kentucky Getaways with the Kids

Your kids are feeling the cabin fever of the winter months too and anxiously awaiting spring break and a chance to adventure. There's no rule that says a great family vacation means a week long excursion that's hours away. With all the great attractions for kids right here in Kentucky, you can put together a fun family friendly vacation on the fly.

Kentucky Kingdom is an obvious favorite with the kids and only a short drive away. Make your theme park stay a little more extravagant with an overnight hotel stay and a big breakfast at a family friendly restaurant like Wild Eggs where the kids can order whatever breakfast strikes their fancy. You can check out the Lost River Cave that features underground boat tours through a natural cavern with plenty of workshops for the little guys. We also have a ton of kid friendly museums to explore during a weekend getaway that isn't going to break the bank. 

Staycation at Home

Who says you even have to leave home? As the weather gets nicer, there's plenty of family fun that's free in your own backyard. Literally. 

Why not plan a big movie night outside, complete with a campfire and s'mores? You can order some take out or a few pizzas and make your outdoor movie night a real event. Get your hands on a portable mini projector that will take your family's movie nights to new heights! Grab some inflatable kiddie pools and fill them with pillows and blankets for cozy lounging in the grass. Hang a few strings of Christmas lights around the backyard to make things extra special. 

A staycation doesn't have to be crazy or even expensive to be a fun family adventure, just think outside the box and don't be afraid to get a little creative. 

Awaken some springtime adventure!

Whether you're planning a romantic babymoon with your sweetheart, an exciting weekend adventure around Kentucky or even a backyard party at home, there's plenty of fun to be had without even wandering far from home.