Bringing home baby is a big transition for your entire family. Balancing physical recovery from birth with learning how to care for your infant 24/7 can quickly turn into a haze of sleep deprivation, cold coffee, and milk stains. You need rest, nutritious food, a listening ear, and an extra pair of hands to do better than “just survive”.

With a postpartum doula in your home, you can do a little more rocking in the nursery glider and smelling your baby's head, and a little less vacuuming and frantically searching “normal newborn behaviors” on the web.

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My husband jokes he can always tell when it’s been a doula day because our house is cleaner, dinner is ready, and I’m calmer. I know having Jessie...on our team has made a huge difference in making my postpartum experience positive.
— - Kim M.

Is Doulas of Kentuckiana Support For You?

How can you tell if you would benefit from our postpartum doula care? If you answer "YES!" to any of the following questions, you are a perfect candidate for our services.

  • You like things to be done right, and seek out the best service providers to keep your life running smoothly
  • You are busy with many demands on your time and energy, and you want to make the absolute most of your precious time with your children
  • You want to skip the trial-and-error phase of newborn care and learn your unique baby's cues
  • You believe in putting on your own oxygen mask first, so you can freely give your love and care to your family
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What Does it Look Like to Work With Us?

What can you expect from your experience with Doulas of Kentuckiana postpartum care?

  • Your spouse or partner will be able to transition back to work more easily, knowing you are in the very best hands and he'll come home to a more relaxed family.

  • Your support professional will take care of any household needs, while you spend your time soaking up the cuddles and helping big brother or sister feel secure and needed.

  • Your support professional will assess the situation upon arrival to your home, asking you what you most need to feel calm and in control today - and then do whatever is needed to help you feel like a rockstar parent.

  • All your friends will ask you how you had such a great postpartum recovery!

Choose Your Package

Select the package that best fits your needs for a blissful postpartum period, or click the button below to request a custom quote. These listed support packages begin at $2700.



Rest easy with those delicate first days of your baby's life with our expert at your side 24/7. This package includes the first three days in-home, plus 10 overnight shifts and 10 daytime shifts to get you off to the best start with both sleep and practical help.



Perfect for moms whose spouse or partner must go back to work soon after your baby is born. This package provides you five hours of care per day, five days per week, for the first month of your baby's life.



If you are anxious to catch up on your sleep, or get your baby's sleep schedule off on the right foot from the beginning, this package is right for you. Get out your noise machine and sleep mask and prepare to enjoy 14 overnight shifts that will have you awake and alert the next day.



The ultimate package that ensures rest, guidance, and hands-on support for a traditional six-week postpartum recovery. Give yourself the gift of a restorative lying-in period and revel in overnight shifts five nights a week and daytime shifts three days a week.


Contact us today to reserve your team, and experience postpartum the way

it was meant to be.


Why All New Moms Need Trained, Professional Support

Having a baby can be isolating! We don't live in a culture where a “tribe” of other parents live nearby to help us through every situation. Many of us do not have family in town – or family who supports our unique parenting philosophy without judgment or bias. Sleep deprivation, postpartum depression and anxiety, and mom-shaming are rampant in our society, and it's not normal or healthy!

Take back postpartum and experience more of the joyful parts and fewer of the frustrating parts. Here are some of the ways our postpartum doulas will make your life easier and more enjoyable:

  • Infant care, feeding, and sleep support
  • Errands/appointments/shopping: never lug a heavy infant car seat and struggle to navigate feeding in public alone
  • Validation of your abilities as a capable parent, with up-to-date guidance if desired
  • Emotional and practical support for your family to discover and settle into a new routine that works for everyone
  • Household care: stay off your feet during recovery and allow us to prepare food, sweep the floor, address the thank you notes, and put away the baby's laundry
  • Never worry "is this normal?" with a walking baby Wikipedia around!

At Doulas of Kentuckiana, we believe in the power of knowledge and community. Our invaluable network of local connections means that if you require a referral for a class, a pediatrician, a mental health professional, or another resource, we can recommend you a trusted professional. You're not doing this alone - we've got your back.