Bringing a new baby home can be a big transition for the entire family!  Whether you are far from friends and family or you can’t catch a break from visitors, it is almost certain that most people are coming by or calling to check on baby and (unintentionally) neglecting to check on you, the mother. With Postpartum Care from Doulas of Kentuckiana, YOU are our priority.  What do you need during this special time?  The answer to this question is often something that you do not feel is important enough to ask for; a long shower, nap, home-made dinner, a quick trip to the store or maybe even a little nursery organization that didn’t happen before your baby's arrival.  With Postpartum Care from Doulas of Kentuckiana, you don’t have to ask for these things because our

Professional Postpartum Services

cover them all! 

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Benefits for Mom

Doulas of Kentuckiana are professionally trained and experienced to care for Mothers and their families during the days, weeks and months after baby arrives. When it comes to adjusting to parenthood and welcoming a new baby,  education and support is the first line of defense against postpartum struggles. Kentuckiana families seeking Postpartum Doula Services in the Louisville and surrounding areas turn to Doulas of Kentuckiana for their postpartum needs. The goals of our superior care are to make sure you feel supported emotionally, physically & educationally. Our helping hands allow you to enjoy your postpartum baby snuggles without being overwhelmed with other tasks.  Postpartum support from Doulas of Kentuckiana includes:

  •  Emotional support and guidance for the whole family to help Mom, Dad & siblings find balance and routine with a new baby
  •  Feeding/Breastfeeding support
  •  Newborn care suggestions and guidance- We encourage you to parent your way and help you learn to trust your intuition.
  •  Telephone support for any questions or concerns at no additional charge
  • ·Food/meal preparation as well as light housekeeping ( laundry, dishes, etc.)
  • Grocery shopping & local errands
  • Sibling and/or Newborn care to allow you time to rest, shower, spend quiet time with baby or one-on-one time with older siblings.

Doulas of Kentuckiana are professionally trained to understand and recognize normal thoughts and feelings of a new Mom and will help encourage you to reach out for additional support if needed. We are prepared to offer local resources for any needs that we are unable to meet; including lactation support from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


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Benefits for the family

Families seeking postpartum services in Louisville and surrounding areas find that Doulas of Kentuckiana support their family as a whole.

  • Dad is able to transition back to work more easily knowing Mom and other siblings in the home have support and an extra helping hand while he is away
  • Siblings transition in to Big Brother/Sister-hood more smoothly because Mommy's spare time is spent playing with them, reading stories and cuddling rather than worrying about laundry, dishes & dinner.
  • Visits from extended family & friends can be limited while extra help is in your home; OR there company can be welcomed with less stress while you are well rested and able to relax in your tidy home. ( You don't even have to tell them that Doulas of Kentuckiana is the reason for your well rested glow & clean house!)

postpartum care louisville ky

How we do it

Doulas of Kentuckiana do not tell you how to parent. We recognize that each families needs and the needs of baby are different.  We support you by complementing your parenting style with a variety of tools and techniques that supplement the goals you have for your family. Doulas of Kentuckiana are professionally trained with the most current and professional doula certification organization and enter your home with the education, experience and the unbiased care you want and deserve.

Families seeking Postpartum Services in Louisville and surrounding areas can purchase services in hourly or packaged rates. Discounted package rates begin at 25 hours of service with discounts ranging from 5-10%!