Having a new baby comes with it's fair share of challenges. 

When you're in a military family, those postpartum challenges can be even tougher on parents. Most military families have relocated far from home and have difficulty finding the support they need while they're navigating the first few weeks postpartum.

A strong support system is as important as ever for military families relocating or at the helm of deployment and a postpartum doula is there to fill in all the gaps. 

Planning for Baby 

Trying to come up with a birth plan is stressful enough and military parents are often required to make decisions on their own while their partner is away. With all your family and friends in other towns it can be difficult to feel confident and excited about welcoming your new baby. Whether it's deciding on nursery colors, thinking of the perfect baby name or just getting all your supplies in order, there's a lot on your plate as a military mom-to-be and knowing you'll have doula support as your baby makes their big arrival is incredibly reassuring. 

Baby's Big Arrival

We understand how difficult it can be for new and veteran military moms to settle in during those first few weeks postpartum. It's our job to make that transition as seamless as possible. Postpartum doulas offer a helping hand with baby care, breastfeeding and lactation support, overnight feedings, bath time, and even some help around the house. 


The Role of a Doula

For new moms, your doula can keep you feeling confident and you can be sure that you're receiving all the answers and resources you need for all things baby care and postpartum recovery. With your other half far from home, a postpartum doula offers physical and emotional support that can really boost your confidence while you're settling into parenthood. 

For veteran moms welcoming another baby into their family, postpartum doulas offer a unique element of comfort while their partner or family is absent. As your doula takes over some of your to do list, moms are given the chance to rest, shower or devote some of their energy to a healthy amount of daily self care.

No matter how big your family is growing, those first few weeks settling in with your newborn is stressful.

We're setting out to be the comforting and supportive foundation that parents can count on and the force that keeps all military families empowered to be as happy and healthy as possible on or off their military base or with their partner absent. 

Parenthood takes teamwork.