Sometimes nursing comes easy, and sometimes it doesn't.


We are so fortunate in the Louisville area to have many hospitals that help promote and support nursing relationships. As a postpartum patient, you might have a lactation consultant check in with you to make sure things are going well, answer any questions you have as well as addressing any issues you might be experiencing.

But what happens when you get home?

You leave the hospital with your new bundle of joy, so excited for the endless amounts of snuggles ahead of you. When you realize your milk has come in you are so excited and can't wait for the next feeding knowing that baby is going to get the milk that your body has worked so hard to make! But wait... that isn't magic that you are feeling when baby latches, it's pain.

Something just doesn't feel right and you need help.

This help can come from Doulas of Kentuckiana and our Certified Lactation Counselor, Crystal Sundeen. Crystal is available to speak with you over- the- phone to offer immediate verbal suggestions, resources and guidance.  If your struggles are not resolved over-the-phone, an in-home appointment will be set up to offer you further support. In the comfort of your home where you and baby can relax, Crystal will come to your side to help troubleshoot any issues & help you to develop a plan of action to resolve any problems she might find. Working together, you will find confidence knowing you are not alone. 

What makes Crystal's help unique?

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Crystal's desire to help mothers have a healthy feeding relationship with their babies is only surpassed by her knowledge on the subject. Having faced many obstacles in her own nursing relationships with her children, she has a unique perspective of understanding and non-judgement.  She has been there, she has felt the frustration and understands the struggles, physically as well as mentally. There is never a fear of being judged for nursing decisions or  that you would be pushed into a plan you are uncomfortable with.


Investments begin at $30 for a 30-minute phone consultation.

If for any reason your situation is not improved by over-the-phone support, a $30 credit will be applied to your In-home consultation.

Initial 1Hr in-home consultations are $125

with follow-up appointments priced at $75.




For immediate support, please call us at 502.554.9019

OR, follow the link for our "Contact Us" page and our CLC will contact you!