newborn Education classes

Doulas of Kentuckiana recognize the needs of families searching for Childbirth Education classes in Louisville and surrounding areas! Knowing that every family has different goals, learning styles and schedule availability, we offer private, in-home classes to cater to your specific needs!  Kentuckiana families gain confidence, knowledge and support through our Childbirth and Newborn education classes that are handpicked just for you!

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Private classes

Kentuckiana families like you choose Doulas of Kentuckiana for their Childbirth and Newborn education needs because of the unique flexibility and personalized structure that we offer. With the ability to choose the content and schedule of your private course, Doulas of Kentuckiana are able to deliver a Childbirth Education experience unparalleled to other classes. Families seeking Childbirth Education classes in Louisville and surrounding areas enjoy choosing from popular topics that can include:

  • Normal Stages of Labor
  • Benefits & Risks of common interventions
  • Evidence Based Information on labor and delivery options
  • Natural & Medical Pain management options and there Risks/Benefits
  • Newborn Care
  • Involving Dad in the Labor and Delivery process
  • Cesarean birth
  • Birth Plan writing
  • Postpartum Care
  • .... and so much more!


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Family classes

To supplement any Childbirth Education needs you might have, Doulas of Kentuckiana Family Classes support families as a whole. By hand-picking your series of class topics, example sessions might include:

  • Siblings: Welcoming a newborn home can be a big transition for older siblings! Our Siblings Session helps ease this transition by involving big brothers and sisters in the process with fun, interactive topics that include: Becoming a Big Brother/ Sister, How to safely Help Mommy & Daddy with baby, Why do babies cry?
  • Grandparents/Caregivers: Each year,new information on many parenting topics is updated and released. Invite Grandparents or other Caregivers into a session to cover important topics that include: Current, Evidence Based information on Car seat safety, Safe sleeping, eating/feeding, & local Infant CPR training resources.




All of our Education families receive unlimited access to our Student Portal where current information, topic notes & PDF printables can be accessed! Our Student Portal is a one-stop, complimentary shop for current, evidence based information.