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How will I ever love the new baby as much as I love you?

All soon-to-be second time Moms have gazed into their firstborn's eyes & had this thought.  You've devoted every ounce of your being to this person & now you're supposed to trust that in an instant your heart will share an equally amazing love with a whole new being...Scary, right?

It's okay if you don't believe me now--- but I'll go ahead and say it anyways [ and I promise you've heard it before]: YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NEW BABY.

In fact, your love for your first is the very substance of an even greater love and appreciation that you will have for both of your kiddos. You'll compare every inch of your new baby to the tiny newborn features you so fondly remember loving when big brother or sister was born.  You'll pull out hand-me-down outfits and remember how little and fragile your strong, growing toddler once was.

All those tiny details and memories will rush over you in the amazing storm of emotions that can be so bittersweet for mothers.

And that's just it: YOU ARE A MOTHER.

There is a reason that only one title exists for mothers- regardless of how many children they have--- You are a Mother.

You love, kiss, hug, rock, feed, worry, cry, laugh, nurture....The only thing different now?

You'll be loving, kissing, hugging, rocking, feeding, worrying about, crying over and nurturing TWO.