Pregnancy is a Trip.

Summer vacations always come with their fair share of challenges, but when you add a pregnancy to the mix, things really heat up. 


Just because you're spending your summer counting down the days to your baby's arrival, doesn't mean you can't plan an incredible summer vacation and keep your cool while doing it. Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle to relax. We put together some of our favorite travel tips for expectant moms to help you stay cool while you enjoy a few days away to relax.

You Are Now Free to Move About the Cabin

It's a huge misconception that flying is off limits while you're pregnant. If you aren't counting down the last couple weeks to go, air travel is safe for you and your baby. Many airlines limit air travel for passengers that are within their last 4 weeks of their due date so if your destination involves a plane trip, you'll need a note from your doctor clearing you for travel. 

To stay more comfortable on board, splurge for the extra legroom and park your seat as close as possible to the restroom for ease of use. Don't be shy to bring the pillows or blankets you need to situate yourself comfortably in the seat or wear shoes that are easy to kick off when you need some extra breathing room. Connecting flights are usually better because it gives you a chance to stretch your legs and fuel up along the way. 

Layer Up Buttercup

Dressing in layers is an absolute must for traveling mom's to be. Whether you're cooped up in the car, plane, train or boat it can be tough to stay comfortable or rest when you're too hot or have the air conditioning turning you into a Popsicle. Dress in flowy, breathable layers that are lightweight enough to keep you cool but can give you some relief if you catch a chill.

Rest Up

While it's fun to go zooming around on roller coasters at a theme park, your pregnant summer days are better spent at a slower pace. Incorporate plenty of breaks into your itinerary and even some naps along the way. It'll be less stressful on your mind and body if you don't plan an action packed day out and you save plenty of time to change your mind, explore or even catch some shut eye. After all, it's your vacation

No matter where you choose to vacation, some relaxing days away can be just what the doctor ordered.

Always pack your birth plan and even a few baby items just in case, and you'll be ready for a fun filled vacation with your family and friends. 

Now the only question is, 

Where to?!