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Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. 

You have the opportunity to dress up as anything you can think of and whether you're choosing something spooky or something silly, Halloween is all about the costume. With a tiny trick-or-treater on your hands, you have to choose the best costume for baby's first Halloween.

If your little one is still too small to collect treats, they can still scoot around in their stroller in a fun and creative costume! 

Costumes for Baby 

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Puppy Dog

Halloween can get a little chilly and this fluffy costume can keep your infant snuggly and warm on Halloween night. How cute is this?!

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Check out this adorable costume for your little stinker! It's warm and cuddly and you can bundle up baby underneath for the chilly trick or treat trail.

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Baby Burrito

Now that you've got your swaddle skills, you can show them off with this cute burrito blanket! This is a particularly good choice for those fussy babies that don't want to be costumed. Swaddle them up in this deliciously cute wrap!

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I mean look at this baby's beard. Need we say more?

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby

Now your baby can be dressed up as the iconic stay puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Only this version will be significantly smaller and a whole lot cuter.

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We still can't get enough of the babies in beards idea. It's just too cute. 

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This spooky shark has a cute hood with plenty of pearly whites. We like that this one has leg holes that won't create any trick or treat trip hazards. 

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If you're a family of golf fans, this tiny golfer is a must. Not to mention it's hilarious to dress your littles up to look like miniature adults.