Placenta Encapsulation in Louisville Kentucky
The placenta is an amazing part of your pregnancy; it began as nothing and grew to protect and nourish your baby!  For centuries, women across the world have reported benefits from the consumption of their placenta. Some of these reported benefits include:
  • Increased milk production
  • Improvements in postpartum mood
  • A faster recovery from birth
  • An overall better 4th Trimester experience

Interested in the possibility of such benefits, many women consider the idea of Placenta Encapsulation but are hesitant to commit due to the unknowns of such a unique and delicate process. 

Doulas of Kentuckiana remove these unknowns by working with your family to develop a plan that gives you confidence in the process! 

Committed to training and practicing using the highest safety standards in the industry, we have taken care of every step of the process for you.

placenta encapsulation in louisville kentucky


Doulas of Kentuckiana has built relationships with Kentuckiana hospitals and is familiar with each establishments policies for taking your placenta home. We will provide you with all the information and supplies needed to get your placenta safely from your hospital to your home

Our storage and transportation kits meet standards set by the World Health Organization and allows your placenta to remain with you always- until it is ready to leave the hospital. Our attention to detail helps to eliminate any concerns for improper labeling or accidental mix-ups!

 A trained Postpartum Placenta Specialist will come to your house to process your placenta in the safety of your own home. Coming to you allows our specialist to ensure that no contaminates from outside sources are introduced. We use very little space and time to complete this processing and guarantee you that your home will appear untouched when we leave. Our Placenta Specialist will bring all the equipment necessary to complete the process and will accommodate your families wishes to be involved in the process as little or as much as you would like. We recognize that some people are only interested in the final product while others are fascinated by the complete process. 

We welcome curious eyes and respect the incurious!

Our Placenta packages include 24/7 access to the Doulas of Kentuckiana team should you ever have additional questions regarding your products or need additional postpartum support.


Traditional Chinese Medicine honors Placenta Encapsulation and consumption for its reported benefits of bringing a woman's body back in to balance.

Why are our placenta packages special?

Most people have a special person in their family or network of friends who always knows just how to make them feel better.  For the ladies of DOK, that person is Grandma. Always knowledgeable of simple, homemade medicinal products for aches and pains, Grandmothers across many families like our own seem to have a special niche for natural cure-alls.  That magic cure-all can often come in the form of salves and tinctures. Following Grandma's advice and current anecdotal evidence,  Doulas of Kentuckiana recognized that these special hand-crafted products aren't just a thing of the past and include them with every placenta package!

Specialized Tincture

Your personal tincture is a long- lasting liquid extract .  Many women have reported their personal tincture to have a powerful, quick acting balancing effect.  Its recommended use is for times of stress, extreme emotional periods and increased anxiety. In addition to your full size tincture bottle, a travel sized bottle is provided to easily keep this remedy on-hand when you are on-the-go! 

(Extremely convenient for returning to work!)

Handcrafted Salve

This organic ointment is skillfully crafted specifically for you in your own home!  In addition to the healing properties of coconut and almond oil, a small amount of dehydrated placenta is added to your ointment.  This can be used on scrapes, topical skin issues and closed cesarean incisions ( after the initial healing period).

Beautiful, protective packaging

Your placenta capsules will be packaged in a beautiful, glass jar.  This jar has been colored to protect your capsules from harmful UV rays.  Our packaging exceeds expectations and delivers a product that you will be proud to reach for each morning!

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